vector-flameIgnite Conference

The purpose of Ignite is to improve the strong lack of marketing related events at UTSC, which aligns with TMG’s mission of helping students think creatively and discover their potential in the marketing field. Ignite aims to prepare and challenge the marketing leaders of tomorrow.

The Competition

Ignite is UTSC’s first ever marketing, sales, and entrepreneurship case competition. In teams of 4, delegates will be required to solve a case written by professionals, followed by presenting their solutions to a panel of judges who have excelled in the field. After completion of the case itself, delegates will be provided with an opportunity of networking with industry professionals, such as individuals from Unilever. Workshops will also be offered to delegates to further improve their skill set.


Although Ignite focuses on marketing related topics, we highly encourage students from various educational backgrounds to take on the challenge and fuel their fire. Regardless of how much experience you’ve had, whether it’s your first case competition or your tenth, Ignite welcomes everyone to participate.